Magic Mode

Magic Mode

Discover Magic Mode –a groundbreaking AI-enhanced platform that effortlessly integrates with new and existing power wheelchairs.  With its advanced AI algorithms, Magic Mode takes care of the intricate steering details, leaving you free to indicate your desired direction. Whether you’re navigating indoor or outdoor environments, Magic Mode offers an unmatched level of freedom, independence, and self-assurance. Caregivers and parents also benefit from the peace of mind that comes with features like collision avoidance, drop-off prevention, and unparalleled stability. Experience a hands-free world without sacrificing security or control with Magic Mode.

It's Magic

Our advanced steering add-on for wheelchairs isn’t just a leap in assistive technology—it’s a sprinkle of magic that grants individuals with disabilities and mobility challenges the wondrous gift of freedom and empowerment.

  • Freedom & Independence: Offers users an unmatched level of autonomy in movement
  • Peace of Mind: Caregivers and parents can feel secure with the platform's advanced safety features.
  • Hands-Free Experience: Users can navigate their surroundings without sacrificing security or control.


Magic Mode allows you to seamlessly switch between manual mode and automated mode. Use manual mode when you need precise control to pick objects off your desk. Then switch to automated mode when you want the system to operate independently so you can focus your attention elsewhere.

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